Southern Sudan Mission

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..."

The goal of Southern Sudan Mission, Inc. comes from the command of Jesus: “Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’” Matthew 28:18-20, and the admonition of Paul to Timothy: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

3,500+ individuals, that we are aware of, have obeyed the Gospel. There have been several congregations started and individuals that have obeyed the gospel in the bush (hidden in the forest), but due to a lack of communication abilities, we do not know the exact number.

We are excited to share information and updates about the Lord’s blessings as we strive to spread the gospel to South Sudanese Refugees in Ethiopian Refugee camps, Ethiopian villages and South Sudan.

If you have questions or would like to study the Bible, we hope you will reach out and allow us the opportunity to share the Gospel with you. 
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Our Story

Please read to learn more about how this work was started and where God is leading it today, over a decade later!

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Tyrone Mynhier


Tyrone is an alumnus of Sunset International Bible Institute. He has served as an evangelist forty plus years. He has preached for congregations in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. He has done foreign evangelistic work in Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Philippines and South Sudan. He has taught in Schools of Preaching in the States, Ethiopia and South Sudan. He presently serves as the Director of the South Sudanese Refugee work in Ethiopia and South Sudan and is the President of the Gambella Sunset International Bible Institute Extension School in Ethiopia.

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Colin Chandler


Colin Chandler is a farmer/rancher in Portales, New Mexico. He is an Elder at the Third and Kilgore Church of Christ in Portales, New Mexico. He has done mission work in different areas of Mexico. He joined the mission team in 2018 teaching South Sudanese Refugee Children in the Southern Sudan Mission Vacation Bible School in Gambella. Colin is also an EMT and doctored many childrens’ wounds during his stay in Gambella.

Bryce Caldwell

Vice President

Bryce is a mechanical Engineer. He has done mission work in Ghana and Ethiopia. Bryce joined the Southern Sudan Mission team in 2014 teaching South Sudanese Refugee Children in the Southern Sudan Mission Vacation Bible School in Gambella. In 2015 Bryce became the Director of the Vacation Bible School. Bryce also writes most of the teaching material for the Vacation Bible School.

Nathan Lockwood


Nathan is a mechanical Engineer. He joined the Southern Sudan Mission team in 2015 teaching South Sudanese Refugee Children in the Southern Sudan Mission Vacation Bible School in Gambella. In 2016 Nathan became the Assistant Director of the Vacation Bible School.

Otis (Buddy) Faulkenberry

Board Member

Otis (Buddy) Faulkenberry works with the Department of Agriculture and is an elder at Northside Church of Christ in Temple, Texas. Buddy and his daughter, Chelsi, help teach VBS, beginning in 2019.

Nathan Ingram

Board Member

Nathan Ingram is a business man. He is an Elder at Woodland Oaks Church of Christ in The Woodlands, Texas. Nathan has been involved with and supported Tyrone Mynhier and Southern Sudan Mission for 7 years.

David Roberts

Board Member

David Roberts is an electrical engineer. His wife Joanie was the first director of the Southern Sudan Mission Vacation Bible School in Gambella in 2013. David traveled to Gambella with Tyrone in 2015 and did extensive work at the mission compound. In 2017 David joined Joanie and the mission team that taught 1,600 South Sudanese Children in Vacation Bible School.

Todd Watrous

Board Member

Todd Watrous is a Technical Product Support Specialist in oil and gas separation. He is a Deacon at Woodland Oaks Church of Christ in the Woodlands, Texas. Todd and his wife Jennifer have been involved with and supported the Southern Sudan Mission for several years.

Truett Adair, President of Sunset International School of Biblical Institute
Lubbock, TX
Larry Branum
Springdale, AR
Don Deluke, Preacher of Sterlington Church of Christ
Sterlington, LA
Charles Harrell, Missionary to Haiti
Temple, TX
Ken Stegall, Preacher
Monroe, LA
David Tarbet, Missionary
New Milford, CT
Kevan Taylor
The Woodlands, Tx
Ken Wilkey, Brazos Valley Church of Christ, Missionary to Philippines
College Station, TX
Supporting Congregations
  • Third & Gilmore Church of Christ, Portales, NM, Sponsor
  • Caldwell Church of Christ, Caldwell, TX
  • Church of Christ Heart, Glendale, AR
  • Conroe Church of Christ, Conroe, TX
  • Cotter Church of Christ Cotter, AR
  • Crossroads Church of Christ, Farmerville, LA
  • East Side Church of Christ, Eureka Springs, AR
  • Fairfield Church of Christ, Houston, TX
  • Flippin Church of Christ, Flippin, AR
  • Guyandotte Church of Christ, Huntington, WV
  • Hollis Church of Christ, Hollis, AR
  • Katy Church of Christ, Katy, TX
  • Kensett Church of Christ, Kensett, LA
  • Magnolia Church of Christ, Magnolia, TX
  • Memorial Church of Christ, Houston, TX
  • Mt. Tabor Church of Christ, Madisonville, TX
  • New Waverly Church of Christ, New Waverly, TX
  • Mountain Home Church of Christ, Mountain Home, AR
  • Mountain View Church of Christ, Mountain View, AR
  • Northside Church of Christ, Temple, TX
  • Oakwood Church of Christ, Oakwood, TX
  • Ore City Church of Christ, Ore City, TX
  • Portales Church of Christ, Portales, NM
  • Riverside Church of Christ, Gassville, AR
  • Salem Church of Christ, Salem, AR
  • Spring Creek Church of Christ, Tomball, TX
  • Southside Church of Christ, Portales, NM
  • Sterlington Church of Christ, Sterlington, LA
  • Tarkington Prairie Church of Christ, Cleveland, TX
  • The White Rock Fund, Dallas, TX
  • Viola Church of Christ, Viola, AR
  • Wapanucha Church of Christ, Wapanucha, OK
  • West Erwin Church of Christ, Tyler, TX
  • White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, West Monroe, LA
  • Woodland Oaks Church of Christ, The Woodlands, TX
  • Yellville Church of Christ, Yellville, AR
  • 16th and Pile Church of Christ, Clovis, NM
Vacation Bible School image
When Tyrone took over the work and moved it to Gambella, the congregation consisted of several men, two elderly women, the preacher, his wife, and their two children. So, in 2013, he decided to have the congregation host the first ever Vacation Bible School in order to encourage women and children to come study the Bible. He asked Joanie, a woman he and his wife worship with, to head it up. Then came the need for other teachers. Alma (his wife), Rusty (a family friend), and Karisa (a young college student) eagerly agreed to go.
The women planned for 100 children, expecting maybe 50. The first day about 200 children showed up. Mothers were begging them to accept their children into the VBS. The teachers said there wasn't enough material, the mothers said they didn't care, they just wanted their children to learn about God. So, a few were added to each class. But, there simply wasn't enough teachers for all those kids. So, children lined the walls outside the classroom and listened in, joining in songs and lessons.
On Tuesday it was learned that the children had been waiting for the teachers at the school as early as 6 AM (it didn't start until 8:30) and therefore haven't had anything to eat. Tyrone decided to get river water and purchase rolls for each of the children inside the classrooms. The children in turn shared their food with the children outside.
Quickly, the entire town learned about the VBS and were stopping the kids in the streets to show them what they learned that day. Several visitors and family members came to the compound wanting to learn more and set up Bible studies with the local preacher.

Word is quickly spreading through the refugee camps and more and more parents are requesting a team come and host a VBS with their children. Today, we have 12 teachers, 4 VBS teams, and THOUSANDS of kids wanting to learn about Jesus. If there were enough teachers.... We pray you will consider joining our team and reach out via the "CONTACT US" button above to request more information about this incredible opportunity!
Our Director of the School of Biblical Studies is Jim Chandler. Jim is a former elder at Third & Kilgore Church of Christ. He has taught in Mexico, Ukraine, and Shanghai through mission work. He joined our mission team in 2016 and has been a special blessing to the work. In addition to teaching in the School of Biblical Studies in Gambella, he has done a tremendous amount of
maintenance work at different compounds. He became the director of the school in 2022. 

The Sudan was ruled by the British for years, but the Muslims in North Sudan gained enough power in the eighties to take over the nation. Upon gaining control they tried to force the Islamic Religion and Sharia Law in South Sudan. The people in the South rebelled resulting in a twenty-five year civil war. Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese were killed and millions fled to refugee camps in Ethiopia and other countries around the world. July 9, 2011, the Muslims and leaders from the South signed a Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the Sudan was divided into two nations, North Sudan and South Sudan. The President of South Sudan was from the Dinka Tribe and the Vice President from the Nuer Tribe. Shortly after South Sudan became an independent nation, the President and Vice-President began accusing each other of trying to gain controlling power over the nation which escalated into a tribal war in December 2013. The tribal war continues today continuing to force hundreds of thousands of additional South Sudanese into refugee camps.

The Ethiopian brethren began teaching the gospel to the Sudanese refugees and found them to be very receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Due to the receptivity and the desire of many South Sudanese to teach their people the True Gospel, the Ethiopian Brethren opened a School of Preaching to train interested men to become preachers. In a few years the Ethiopia School of Preaching and Sunset International Bible Institute united offering a more credible degree from an International Bible Institute.

In 2008 Sunset International Bible Institute invited Tyrone Mynhier to teach in the school located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2011 Tyrone became the director of the school and relocated it to the Gambella Region in Ethiopia, a region that borders South Sudan. Tyrone felt the move was beneficial for several reasons. Most of the refugee students were from the Gambella Region and had to be bused to Addis Ababa (a two day journey) meaning the refugees had to be housed in Addis Ababa for the duration of the school. Also, Gambella Region, being a border region, provides access to the border for Sudanese Refugees thus granting the students the opportunity to travel in and out of South Sudan to teach. Lastly, the Ethiopian Government Officials had given the church five acres of land for a compound and American Brethren had provided to small assembly building on the compound.

Upon Tyrone’s arrival in Gambella in January 2011, there were twenty plus members consisting of a Sudanese Preacher, James Puot, his wife and two small children, a couple of elderly women and several Sudanese young men.

Tyrone met with James and explained the goals for moving the School to Gambella and to begin an extensive outreach to the South Sudanese Refugees. He further asked for a commitment to help with the work. James’ response was good news to Tyrone. He said, “Brother Tyrone, I have been praying that God would send someone to help further the cause of Christ to my countrymen. I will commit and do everything I can to help with the mission.”

Since that memorable day the Lord has blessed the mission immeasurably with the following:
A new meeting assembly hall to accommodate 250+,
A dorm for 20 students,
2 Classrooms to accommodate 35 students each,
An office
A storage house,
A shower building with two showers,
Four dry-hole toilet building,
A guest house to accommodate 14 people (visiting preachers and other visitors)
220 graduates (approximately 35 % working full time),
All the instructors in the school are Natives, excluding Tyrone,
Six very successful Vacation Bible Schools have been taught by a team of teachers from the states: 2013- 100 students; 2014-200 students; 2015- 500 students; 2016-500 students; 2017- 1,000 students; 2018- 1,800 students, 2019- 1,800
Resulting from the VBS 150-300 children attend assemblies at different congregations every Sunday
Seeded 40+ new congregations,
Over 2,000 baptisms,
The mission is presently feeding approximately 250 South Sudanese from 5 congregations hidden in the bush (forest) at an expense of $2,000 a month.

One of the neat things is the United Nations and government officials have been very receptive to the work. When we seed a congregation in a refugee camp (we presently have 12) we are given land to build a building. When we seed a congregation in a city (we presently have 20) the official’s frequently give the mission 5 plus acres of land for a compound. A compound consists of fencing the land and building a church building. This year we have planted corn in several areas and are praying God will give us an abundant crop to help feed the brethren.

There were 15 graduates from the February 2019 semester of the School of Biblical Studies and 20 graduates from the June semester. The February 2020 semester began with 20 students; however, the Government Officials forced the school to close during the semester resulting from Covid 19 restrictions. The students were required to return to their homes. In May the Officials lifted some restrictions permitting groups of 10 people to assemble. We took advantage of the opportunity and invited 10 students to attend the June 2020 semester. To date there have been 300 plus graduates.

Although the restrictions were for the country of Ethiopia the officials do not enforce them in small cities and villages. Since we could only have 10 students in the school, we sent two teams of instructors to teach for a month in two different areas in South Sudan. The classes were very intense, and the instructors taught 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 4 weeks. The students will have the opportunity to attend the February 2021 Semester for further study. Nine students in one area and 15 students in another area completed the studies.

Due to the success of the classes we will send two or three teams of instructors to additional areas on a regular basis throughout the year. Lord willing, we will return to full capacity for the February semester.
School for Orphans image
      3 out of every 4 women in South Sudan are illiterate. Families have to pay to have their children attend school. Because of this, most families can only afford to send 1 child, and often choose their oldest male child. With the civil war that started in 2013, the number of children having to refugee to a foreign country has caused illiteracy to run rampant throughout the South Sudanese people.

      Education is held as highly important and a true privilege among their people. When we hosted VBS, we saw children hanging in the windows to listen and participate. We saw adults stopping the kids in the streets to ask about what they've learned. During break time, it's not uncommon to see a group of children huddled around one of our teachers asking to learn English words and letters. Education is vital, and their love for it is inspiring.

We have a unique opportunity that's come our way. Since 2013 it has been a dream of ours to open a school and a library. When we developed a compound in Beser we learned that our neighbors was an orphanage of about 500 children. What a blessing! Our local preacher has been working with the orphanage and teaching the adults and children about Jesus.
The problem is that these children have no chance at an education because they have no money. So, with much prayer, we have decided to build a school! It's our goal to teach Bible, reading, writing, and math. We also plan to have a library so that the children can continue to learn and enjoy the love of reading. But of course ultimately, it's all about what God's plans are for this venture. We hope that this school is just the beginning of opening several schools throughout the refugee camps. Not only will this give these children a chance to pull themselves out of a life of extreme poverty and crime, but they'll grow up learning about the love of Jesus and how to get into their eternal home with Him.

We would love for you to become a part of this incredible work! Here's just some of the ways you can get involved:
-Donate financially to build the school and library, and purchase supplies
-Donate books or computers
-Help in creating the curriculum
-Host a fundraiser
-Share this mission work on your social media and tell your friends about us
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